The persistent feeling that there's "never enough" can be overwhelming. Our culture constantly communicates messages like - you'll never have enough, do enough, or be enough. At Reimagine, we've seen that fear of "never enough" has deeply affected the church. When we are afraid, we hold on tighter to what we have...time, money, love, trust. Jack wrote The God Guarantee and Free Ministry Kit to help you lead your church to freedom in a new experience of God's good provision!

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In this ministry kit you will get:

• The God Guarantee book sample

• Sermon Video

• Full Sermon, "Capacity: God's Desire to Do More than You We Ask or Imagine"

• Graphics & digital sharing toolkit

• Sermon slides 

• The God Guarantee Online Companion Course - 1 License 

"Jack Alexander exposes fear as the underlying enemy of generous living and giving" - Randy Alcorn